Special… Student Discounted Offers

  • tjenkins303
  • March 28, 2014 4:35 pm

Look for Student Discounts around your campus!

Merchants around your campus area are supporting college students by offering student discounts on their products and services.

We have already listed over 1200 local and online businesses with their discounted offers to help students save money.

We are always adding new merchants and updating discounted offers… so be sure to check in daily!


Simply Show Your Student ID Card:

Your Student ID card is your official “Student Discount Card” accepted by partnering merchants around your campus. 

Partnering merchants support the students by offering discounts to the students.

Student Discount Card:

Search your “Student Discount Program website” for Special Student Discounted Offers.

Use your Student ID card to prove you qualify for the discount.


Please be sure to… support the Merchants who are Supporting Our Students.

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